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Livall C21

Livall C21

WeightApprox. 390g

Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skating, Hoverboard, E-bike, etc.


- Bright LED Lighting - Packed-full with smart lighting technology, it provides riders with a high level of security at all times and in all directions. Inductive LED lighting can be set to automatically turn on even in the darkest settings.


- Brake Warning Lights - Activated when the built-in-gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front and rear lights are enhanced for 3 seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic.


- Automatic On/Off : Smart On. Smart Off. It ensures maximum battery longevity by automatically powering off when it is disconnected from a phone and has been motionless for 15 minutes.


- Fall Detection Alert + SOS Alarm : The patented fall detection and SOS system can detect when you fall and send your location to your emergency contacts.


- Detachable Visor : Need a little extra UV protection? Use the visor to stay safe from the sun’s powerful rays. You can also quickly and easily detach it.


- 1 Year warranty

- Same day Postage (returns require postage to be paid).


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