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LIVALL BH51M NEO Helmet - PRODUCT size 55-59 cms

LIVALL BH51M NEO Helmet - PRODUCT size 55-59 cms

  • Bright back LED lights make you more visible from all directions.  They can be changed with the Livall App on your phone.
  • Fall detection alert means in the event of an accident, the emergency system will kick in automatically and send your GPS location to your emergency contacts via SMS message.
  • Hands-free operation so you can just concentrate on the road ahead.  A special Windbreak Microphone and Bluetooth Speakers allow easy handsfree phone calls on the go.  The -39dB microphone means that your voice can be heard clearly by the received when you are riding up to around 60km/h.
  • Voice navigation allows you to keep your eyes on the road; listen to GPS directions via the built-in speakers and your connected smartphone.
  • Stereo speakers – Quality music, audiobook and podcast playback is delivered through Bluetooth stereo speakers strategically placed above the ears, allowing you to stay alert to surrounding traffic.
  • One-click to answer phone calls using the remote control; enjoy clear sound with the wind-proof microphone.
  • Indicator signals allow you to alert traffic of your turning direction to enhance your visibility.
  • Smart lighting means the lights can be set to come on automatically in dark conditions, perfect if your commute starts out in good light but ends in darkness.
  • SOS alarm can be activated if you are in distress by simply pressing the red button on the remote for 5 seconds. Your emergency contacts will receive an alert SMS message with your GPS location.  The 3-axis G-sensor integrated into the helmet sense immediate acceleration followed by lack of movement.
  • Walkie-Talkie allows you to easily communicate with your fellow cyclists when riding in a group or team. 
  • Livall Helmet application can be connected to the Livall application.
  • Compatible with Strava, iHealth and Siri through the LIVALL Riding app.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Specifications:
    • Head circumference 55-59cm
    • LED Smart lighting
    • Indicator turn signals
    • 2x 0.5W Stereo speakers
    • Bluetooth BLE4.0 + BTE4.1 (Max 10 distance)
    • SOS Alert
    • -39dB Windbreak microphone
    • Handlebar controls
    • Micro USB charging
    • 3-Axis Gyroscope
    • Standby duration Max. 180 days
    • Lightweight 480g
    • 24 vents
    • Free LIVALL app
    • 1 year warranty
  • What is in the box:
    • 1 x LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet
    • 1 x LIVALL Remote Control
    • 1 x Magnetic USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x English User Manual


- Same day Postage (returns require postage to be paid).

    Colour: Black
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